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Programmes Immigrants Investisseurs / Immigrant Investor Programs

How can we help you?

Laurentian Bank Securities works with Immigration's leading experts for your very first steps in Canada. We offer the most cutting edge financing options, within the participating provinces of the Immigrant Investor Program, and we will exercise the utmost care when managing your investment for the duration of the 5-year term.

As a subsidiary of the 3rd most important bank in Quebec and the 7th most important chartered bank in Canada, our clients benefit from the highest quality of service. We will help you open bank accounts, grant credit cards such as VISATM Gold, grant mortgages and help you obtain lines of credit.

For your investment needs, we will refer you to our seasoned experts.

For your business and entrepreneurial projects, we can introduce you to one of 29 Laurentian Bank of Canada business centers located across the country.

Furthermore, we can evaluate your financing projects by stock and help your registration to the stock exchanges in North America.

In summary, your best interest is our priority.